Photobombing is a skill. That much is true.

It is all about timing and quick thinking as to how best to sneak into a picture to make sure you’re included in the photograph. If you want it to be a memorable photobomb, you have to make funny gestures or expressions, too. Once the deed is done, you have to leave the scene as quickly as you get into it, if you don’t want to experience the victim’s wrath.

But if your photobomber happens to be a cute creature, like a walrus or your beloved dog, would you have the heart to take revenge?

If you didn’t know before, you’d know now how skilled some animals can be in finding the right time to photobomb a human or a fellow animal. Here are some of the greatest animal photobombs that might leave you rolling on the ground in laughter:

1. The most famous photobomber squirrel, dubbed the Crasher Squirrel, Cheeky Squirrel or Scene-stealing Squirrel, of the online world and the pioneer of animal photobombing.

couple photo but a squirrel insisted to be in front of them


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