If you think you’ve seen every strange dance done in this era, wait till you see this creative kid do his amazing finger dance choreography. Do death-defying stunts here, but the moves and sequences defy the simple imagination nonetheless. Take especial note how the dance “steps” perfectly match the tempo and timing of the pop music, giving apt interpretation to every beat–high, low, fast, or slow.

As in any professional dance performance, you see stage presence, confidence, and projection not only in how the fingers move but also how the kid looks. You see the relaxed and confident visage plus the constant eye contact with his fingers, giving the impression that the young performer is just enjoying his thing. Finger flexibility and grace are simply incredible and make you wonder what workouts necessitated such dexterity.

It’s still debatable whether finger dancing can give you an aero workout, but it definitely makes your fingers lose weight and sexy. To see what we mean, watch the video!

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