Raccoons are gifted with a highly developed sense of touch so unlocking doors and opening trash cans come easy to them.

So when this mischievous raccoon managed to get into a warehouse storing alcohol, he certainly did not waste an opportunity to get into a drinking binge.

The workers at the warehouse caught him in the middle of his drinking session, stumbling and trying to hold himself upright, much like how a drunken human would. But even then, he was still trying to drink some more alcohol!

The mess he made, with the broken beer bottles and scattered cans, would answer the mystery behind his drunken stumble. After trying to drink beer off the floor, he tried to walk to the doorway, where he fell flat on the floor.

If you haven’t noticed your drinking habits and you want to remind yourself not to drink too much next time to avoid being your crew’s laughingstock or the subject of a viral video, just like this raccoon is, then watch this drunk burglar here:

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