It’s a terrible mismatch. If in previous Terminator movies the war between machines and humans was equalized by the heroic role that Arnold Schwarzenegger played, this time it appears that all the odds are against humanity. There seems to be no escape. Even John, supposedly the man being prepared to be the hero of humanity, has turned into the indomitable antagonist Liquid Silver on the side of the machines, and the Terminator (played by Schwarzenegger) has a younger clone to fight against.

So, what happened here?

The story begins after a nuclear holocaust devastated the world and, for some reasons, machines soon started to operate on their own and tried  to take charge of the world–even eliminate humanity.  Both machines and humans tampered with time and tried to go back to the days prior to the nuclear holocaust to re-set events in their favor. But it seems one miscalculation put humanity in danger of extinction.

This hi-sci movie is in 3D, making it more exciting and realistic to watch in theaters. It’s filled with high-science adventure, suspense and action. To get a gist of the movie, be sure to watch the trailer here!

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