Science experiments are necessary to discover new methods and new things that will benefit the human race. However, there are certain experiments that may make you question whether they are worth doing. They are bordering crazy, or all-out crazy, such as the case with zombie dogs. Click next for more.


#10 Real-life zombie dogs

Russian scientists beheaded dogs in 1940 and kept the severed heads alive and functioning for hours, powered by artificial blood circulation system.

Aside from the Russians, American scientists also conducted their own zombie dog experiment in 2005. They removed all of the dogs’ blood and injected them with sugar- and oxygen-filled saline. After three hours, the dogs received blood transfusions and got shocked. The dogs were revived and most of them regained the same condition that they had before the experiment. The scientists hoped to use this research to revive people who died from hemorrhaging blood.

Real Life Zombie Dogs

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