10 Expensive Things Only the Truly Rich Can Buy

10 Expensive Things Only the Truly Rich Can Buy

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Only the super rich can buy these very costly items that definitely aren’t necessities but more of vanities—yet some rich folks still strongly prefer them over their ordinary counterparts. See if you’d also buy them if you were among the super rich and famous.

gold ferrari

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Glace Luxury Ice Cubes

Some super rich folks hate it when the taste of their costly drinks is messed up by cheap ice cubes melting in their glasses, so the ice cubes have got to be Glace luxury ice cubes. It has less minerals and pollutants that ordinary tap water has—so they won’t interfere with the taste of wine when they melt. And speaking of melting, Glace ice cubes are bigger than regular ones so they take time to melt, often about 20 to 30 minutes longer.

Ice cubes kept in freezers along with raw meats and fish can catch the taste and smell of the latter. So Glace comes in small black re-sealable and ventilated pouches to prevent this from happening and ruining your expensive drink. So, how much does this ice cost? Well, 50 cubes costs $325, or $6.5 a piece.

glace luxury ice
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Throne from Game of Thrones

If you’re familiar with Game of Thrones from the HBO hit series, then you’ve probably seen the Seat of Kings in the seven kingdoms. It’s not a beautiful throne to sit in, but a replica of it sells for $30,000. Being a popular royalty furnishing that symbolizes tremendous power in the game, the super rich of course would want to have one or two displayed in their living room or bedroom. It weighs 350 pounds and is more than seven feet tall. That should feel like royalty, indeed.

Question is, is it comfortable sitting in it? Nope, in fact, being overlaid with pointed swords, some of which are invertedly pointing up, the edges are dangerous. But then again, comfort is not the issue here but the price. Only the super rich can afford $30,000, and that’s what matters.

throne from game of thrones
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Le Burger Extraordinaire

How would you like to snack on a burger with a diamond toothpick? Obviously, only the super wealthy will have an appetite for it. At the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City, this burger is available and earned a record in the Guinness Book as the most expensive burger on the planet—some people say in the universe.

And why not? It comes with a diamond-encrusted golden toothpick for cleaning in-between teeth after eating it, which the super moneyed will probably throw away after using. So, how much does it cost? An order is $295. Well, in a sense, you get your money’s worth. Just look at its contents—the highest grade of beef, cheddar aged for 18 months in a cave, smoked Pacific sea salt, black and white truffles, plus a quail egg. Plus, the profits from the sale go to a worthy cause for poor folks—so you won’t feel guilty eating a super expensive snack while many others almost die of hunger.

With this burger you eat grand, in style, exotically and for a cause.

le burger extravagant
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Jewelry TV

It’s the most expensive TV on earth! Believe it or not, this 55-inch TV set is made of 18-carat rose gold! Not only that, it has 72 diamonds and a hand-sewn alligator-skin. No wonder it costs more than $2 million a set. Probably, the downside to this is that, it’s hard to focus on what you’re watching when your thoughts are mesmerized by the sheer luxury of it all. But then again, the super rich take these things like ordinary daily life.

prestigehd supreme rose edition tv
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Gold Energizer Drink

This drink is sure to perk your energy up! And it’s not just because it contains vitamins, caffeine and taurine, but particularly because this softdrink is made with organic 15,000-year-old water aged in ice and 22.5-carat, heart-shaped gold flakes. The drink is packaged in champagne bottles and comes in various sizes.
Gold Energy Drink mixes well with alcohol. So, if you want to have a unique and extravagant night out drinking with friends, show off with Gold Energy Drink—if you’re super rich enough.

gold energy drink
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Virtual Reality Simulators

When you get bored of reality, you can always go to another “reality” through the Virtual Reality Simulators. Visit unheard of worlds and dimensions and take active part there through the motion and video technology of this expensive machine. Though not that impressive on the outside, this machine can take you to places you’ve never been before once you get in. And you can take your friends along by buying a bigger one where you’d all fit in.
So, how much is the machine? Well, suffice it to say that it’s extremely costly and can only be afforded by equally extremely wealthy people.

virtual reality simulator
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JetSurf Motor Surfboard

Surfing doesn’t have to be so wave-dependent anymore. You can go surfing even on a calm sea—by using motorized surfboards made my JetSurf. It moves so fast and yet designed to keep it from slipping off your feet. There’s a feature for securing your feet on it tightly. Big-time individuals are using it and there’s a worldwide competition for it.
So, how much does one cost? From $12,500 to $19,500, depending on the unit model.

jetsurf motor surfboard
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GoCycle Electric Bike

It’s an ecological electric bicycle you can operate on manual or through electric power when you want to speed off the road. Some say it feels like driving a car on two wheels. Yet, this “car on two wheels” can be folded for easy storage and carrying. When folded, it can fit in a regular-size luggage.
Okay, how much does this bike-car cost? It’s around $5,000.

GoCycle Electric Bike
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Incredibly Posh Dog Spa and Shop

Can you afford special therapeutic massages, aromatherapy, pedicure and manicure, plus Jacuzzi treats all on a red-carpet? And that’s not even for you—it’s for your dog! Your dog gets all that from Star Dog MC Spa in Monaco.
Wait, there’s more. After a day of such luxurious spa treatment, your dog can shop for a new wardrobe for the best clothes and accessories, which includes fur coats, diamond collars, to name a few. If you can treat your dog to this, it speaks volumes about how super rich you are.

Dog spa and shop
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Wheel Jib

You don’t feel like walking and yet you want to go somewhere? Well, if you’re super rich, you don’t need to take a step any longer with this electrical wheel. Just stand up on it and it takes you anywhere you want at a speed of up to 18 kilometers an hour. It’s perfect for strolling around parks, malls, resorts, or even around town or a small city. And it’s so handy you can take it almost anywhere. And it’s so eco-friendly—no smoke emission.
How much does it cost? Around $1,500.

wheel jib

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