5 Top Secret Military Aircrafts that are Probably Mistaken as UFOs

5 Top Secret Military Aircrafts that are Probably Mistaken as UFOs

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Strange UFO sightings are reported even today which give rise to questions whether life is present in other planets. But wait—aren’t they secret military aircrafts we simply do not know of and are mistake to be alien spacecrafts?

Believe it or not there are weird aircrafts that are made by developed countries like the US which can pass off as “alien” spacecrafts or UFOs by ordinary people. And here are some of them:


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Stealth Black Hawk

This aircraft is an unusual, well modified Sikorksky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that is invisible to radars and noiseless even to residents if this chopper is made to land in a residential area. For instance, two of this type of chopper were used for a Navy Seals operation against Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011. It carried 25 Navy Seals operatives and landed right inside Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan at 1 am.

It flew from the Afghanistan border undetected and even residents in Abbottabad said they didn’t hear any chopper approaching until the choppers were directly overhead them. So, if you spot a hovering soundless aircraft at night that makes noise only when overhead, that UFO may be the Stealth Black Hawk.

stealth black hawk

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Black Star

Black Star is believed to be a sub-orbital “space plane” used for spying by the US by sending the plane to orbit just above the topmost layer of the atmosphere, touching outer space. Reconnaissance missions can then be carried out from thousands of feet above the earth without being detected.

How is it launched into orbit? It is ferried to the edge of outer space via high-speed aircraft using a two-stage orbital system. The high-speed aircraft would separate from a small orbital spacecraft that would orbit earth some 300 miles above it and do reconnaissance mission. If you chance upon a high-speed aircraft going up the sky or a strange “star” orbiting the earth at night, that UFO may be a Black Star.


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This super aircraft is dubbed to be the most hi-tech unmanned aerial system so far today. It is capable of doing surveillance, intelligence gathering, and reconnaissance work behind enemy lines without being detected. Reports say it will be fully operational this year, 2015, and will be capable of “penetrating surveillance” activities. It is said to have a wing span of 130 feet and can remain airborne at a top altitude of 11 miles.

If you spot a strange looking aircraft you’ve never seen before, it’s probably not an alien spacecraft from Mars. It’s probably the RQ-180.


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The Boeing X-37B is another US space plane used for testing “reusable space technologies,” or so authorities say. It was first developed by NASA as X-140 but handed over to the military later for some classified purposes. Some say it may be a space bomber (launching bomb attacks from space), a spy plane, or a satellite destroyer. Launched through the Atlas 5 rocket, it can remain in orbit for a whole year before heading back to earth.

Again, if you notice something strange moving in the sky like a star at night, it may be the X-37B.


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It was reportedly given a $455 million budget allocation in 1987. It’s a hypersonic craft that is said to create weird sonic booms at regular intervals probably due to its pulse detonation engine and which are sometimes picked up by the US Geological Survey across Southern California. Accordingly, Aurora can fly up to 90,000 feet at a speed of about Mach 4 to Mach 5.2. a report said.

Aurora has been flying around from the 1980s to the present. Some so-called UFOs traveling at incredible speeds were probably a sighting of the Aurora.


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