A Bit OC? You’d Love These 98 Perfect Cubes or Raw Food from Dutch Artists

A Bit OC? You’d Love These 98 Perfect Cubes or Raw Food from Dutch Artists

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Don’t you love it when you look at things that are arranged in a neat and organized manner? When everything is aligned in a perfect angle?

Even if you don’t have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you might also be mesmerized looking at these 98 perfect cubes of raw food. Just look at the photo below and you might feel like grabbing a blood orange, a kiwi or a tomato.


This is all thanks to the Raw Food Art project of Dutch artists Lerner & Sander, who are commissioned by the Dutch newspaper The Volkskrant for this collaboration project. They cut raw foods into perfect 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm cubes that you’re little OC self inside is probably rejoicing the moment you lay your eyes on these raw foods.

The Dutch artists started working with each other as art project collaborators since 2007. You can also log in to their site, lernertandsander.com, to see more of their projects.

The project is appropriately called Cubes. The subjects vary, from pork belly and Wagyu beef to watermelon and portabella mushroom. According to a published interview of the two on food magazine Bon Appetit, the artists just picked whatever is available in local grocery stores and shops.

Since the Cubes has gone viral in May 2015, the artists’ studio was plagued with calls from interested buyers of the photos.

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