Watch This America’s Got Talent Singer Give Everyone the Chills with His Emotional Cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”

When Brian Justin Crum opened his mouth to belt out Radiohead’s 1993 hit, “Creep,” his voice was chilling. Instead of the grungy version of the original song, Crum showed lots and lots of emotions that gives those who listened some serious hair-raising moments.

Crum’s version was seen to be more of an empowerment, made even more powerful and unforgettable with his vocal prowess. He expressed his raw emotions quite well to the audience, who in turn, thanked him with a standing ovation.

He totally nailed it! Just watch some of the members of the audience cover their mouths as they watch Crum in awe during his viral performance back in July 2016.

But Crum is not just your regular contestant. He is a Broadway Star, hence his impressive vocal skills, who was part of the cast of Altar Boyz and Grease on Broadway, making him decide to move to New York. He also played Doody on the National Tour. Crum also got his dream job as a part of Next to Normal, which won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. When he played in the theatrical run of We Will Rock You as Galileo Figaro, his performance won him some Best Actor in Musical awards and had him described as a “triumph” in reviews.

He finished his run on America’s Got Talent in fourth place.

Watch his goosebumps-inducing performance here:

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