WATCH: Baby Takes Its First Breath After Being Born With The Amniotic Sac Intact

When a woman goes into labor, the water usually breaks.

But in this case, the normal childbirth gave us all a rare glimpse into what a baby looks like INSIDE the amniotic sac even after its delivery. The baby is seen visibly moving inside what has been its home for nine to ten months, with mouth wide open, not to mention those cute little fingers wriggling around its arms. No wonder you can hear the medical staff cooing over it.

The amniotic sac is a bag full of clear liquid that protects the baby inside the womb from injury, gives it fluids to consume and breathe, and maintains its constant temperature.

As the baby remained curled up inside, the obstetrician cuts the sac open, letting the baby out of the protective film. The baby then breathes in its first breath and lets out its first cry as the medical staff removes the umbilical cord around its waist.

You can watch the miracle of childbirth with the extraordinary twist in this video, as uploaded by Facebook user Jasmine Perez.