Bird Lover Gives Friends Eat-All-You-Can Treat. See How Many They Are…

There are bird-pet lovers and there are plain bird lovers. The former love the few select birds they have caged as pet for a hobby, while the latter just love birds of all kinds anywhere they are as some sort of a mission in life. This video shows a bird lover that has made friends with thousands of birds in his locality by giving them an eat-all-you-can treat.

As he vigorously scatters seeds all over a wide space, the birds gather together from all over and perch on tree branches nearby, watching their friend prepare their dinner. The birds are all agog with tweeting excitement as they wait for dinner to be served, and then finally, when their friend has cleared the area, they land on it and devour the feast–though some of them appear hesitant, apparently in a wait-and-see mode to ensure safety.

After seeing their comrades land and eat without harm, they join the feast and seem to shout at the others still maintaining safe distance to “Come and join us!” Watch the video to see the amazing thousands of birds feeding to their hearts’ content!

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