Bubble Creator Doing Incredible Bubble Exploits

Bubble Creator Doing Incredible Bubble Exploits

This lady mastered the art of exploiting the laws of Physics that govern bubble creation. She creates amazing bubbles and dexterously transforms them into the most fascinating shapes and sizes, even filling the whole stage with her own garden of bubbles in a wide array of hues and configurations.

At a glance, one can surmise that the success of her act depends on three things:

  • A unique bubble formulation that sustains bubble firmness, flexibility and bounce.
  • A thorough knowledge about bubbles
  • A smooth, artful and scientific hand-management of the bubbles

Bubbles, in the hands of an expert bubble lover, can be a wonderful medium of artistry expressing new images and ideas that can arouse audience ecstatic interest. One can even imagine how it can be an effective therapy for ailing souls. To “feel” the bubbles for yourself and see the lady’s ingenuity, watch the video now!

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