This Camera Can See Through Everything! Take A Look For Yourself And See How It Works

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Going through security cameras and scanners is a typical security measure in large establishments. However, this one is totally different. If you are planning on sneaking out even a single candy in your person, trust that it will be found! That’s just how amazing this scanner is, as what the image of that poor guy showed on the monitor.

The problem is that the clueless ladies don’t really know what to do now that they have walked into the trap of the security person. If this kind of scanner was indeed available, what would you have done? Would you have laughed at the ridiculousness of how it works, scolded the guard about using the scanner and looking at the monitor intently, or stayed glued to the table while looking for something to cover yourself with (although it won’t be of much help)?

Watch how this camera works and see how you would have reacted if you were one of the ladies in the video.