Contactless Bank Card Users, Watch Out for POS-carrying Thieves!

Contactless Bank Card Users, Watch Out for POS-carrying Thieves!

If you always carry your contactless bank cards with you, be extra alert about people bumping into you or coming in close proximity to you. They might be carrying a Point of Sale (POS) device with them, the same device used in shops to charge your purchases to your card.

A Facebook user with the handle R Javis in the UK uploaded a photo of a man who seemed to be carrying a POS device in the train. He thought that this could be the start of a new scam to steal less than £30 from people by simply tapping the device into people’s pockets or wallets. Transactions smaller than £30 do not require a PIN code from the owner of the card, making the thief quite easy to execute.

point of sale

However, the UK Cards Association says that there are not that many similar cases in the UK and that retailers themselves follow security protocols in protecting merchant accounts. The organization is also speculating that the image could have been sourced from a report about the same case in Russia.

But for your peace of mind, if you use contactless bank cards, you can cut off the connection of any POS device to your cards by wrapping them in tin foil or putting them in a wallet lined with tin foil. Start taking some tin foil out now if you don’t want to feel paranoid when you go outside with your cards in the pocket, wallet or purse.