Daring Ribboned Skin Corset-Piercing: See What Happens in the End

After having the skin on her back pierced with 5 pairs of small rings, he had a guy slip a ribbon crisscrossing through the rings, ending up like how a tie on a rubber shoe is placed. But, of course, you can’t tighten it up lest the rings attached to the skin get ripped off and turn everything into a disaster.

The guy shows the girl the finished product stitched behind her back on a video and looks satisfied enough. How that would make sense in a dress, blouse or shirt wasn’t shown, and that gives one the idea that the girl might go around half-naked just to show off the artwork on her back–plus the tattoos on her upper back and breasts–or else there’s no sense going through all that trouble just to cover them all with clothes.

To see the ribboned skin-piercing and the entire look of it backdropped against their body, watch it here below!

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