Divorced Husband Literally Gives Ex-Wife Half of Everything He Owns

A German man uploaded a video of him in Youtube cutting a phone, chair, television, bed and his car into half. The video has a translated description which says, “Thank you for 12 ” beautiful ” years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half , Greetings also to my successor”.

He’s giving it to his ex-wife whom they had divorced of opinion and agreed to share 50 percent of their properties. He has reportedly sent the half to his ex-wife while his halves have been auctioned on eBay. As of the moment, the car is currently priced at EUR 1.1242,12.

To those who might be interested he suggest to purchase more from his auction. He also added that all of those are “Only collection, no guarantee and redemption.”. Check out the video and some of the photos below.

The sofa may still be used by placing it at the corner. The foam can still be wrapped with a case. As for the frame, can be an area divider or fence in the garden.

This stuff is cute but I can feel the sorrow in his eyes, pity!

Perhaps, It can still send tones like Morse codes do.

This can be a nice decoration for Windows.

Oh! and this bike can still be used in the circus? What do you think?

As for the car, the product features says: “Sell ​​an Opel Astra 1.4 16V B Sport. The car is quite well preserved for his age, but of course some signs of wear. In particular, half missing.”

What a nice phone, it can be a nice chopping board though.

Fortunately, they might have just sold their house instead of cutting into half.

(c) image source: mashable, eBay

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