Highly Automated Orchestra with Bouncing Balls as Music Triggers

Highly Automated Orchestra with Bouncing Balls as Music Triggers

Ever seen an empty orchestra–one that makes terrific music without any human involved? Is it actually possible? Well, the creator of this video managed to come up with one, and it reflects the kind of imagination he or she has. And it’s simply mind boggling how popping rubber balls from tubes and accurately hitting musical instruments with them to make the right sounds can work, even in a video.

Well, it’s just animated, but don’t think it’s that easy. Creating animation like this requires ingenuity.

The rubber balls are popped out of tubes with calculated air pressure and accurate direction and distance to hit the right musical instruments. As the balls are released thus in succession and perfect timing, the musical composition is played. After hitting the instruments–stringed instruments, drums, cymbals, xylophones, tubes that make bell sounds, and others–they also accurately bounce off to be shot into tube openings and roll down the tube system to be popped up again from other tube openings to hit musical instruments, and on.

In short, the rubber balls are recycled.

To watch the incredible automated or mechanized “orchestra,” with its bouncing rubber ball music triggers, watch the video now!

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