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Watch How the Human Face Is Formed In the Womb

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When a baby is born, people often comment about how the baby looks like the mom, the dad, or the mix of both. But if you’re wondering how the parents’ genetics are all meshed into your face while you are still in the womb, the BBC’s documentary called Inside The Human Body  might just have the answer.

The episode shows the progress of how a human embryo develops into a human being with a womb in  a time lapse. This is the result of several scans taken by researchers of an embryo.

The process in itself is amazing, and at the same time, creepy to look at. It’s just that you might not be prepared to look at how you started as one clump and develop into the tiny human being that is a baby inside your mother’s womb.

The animation shows that the human face starts out with three main features that eventually rotate and intersect at the philtrum, that vertical groove located between the base of your nose and the upper lip. This transformation usually happens when the embryo is between two and three months old. Any delay may lead to a cleft palate or cleft lip.

What can you say about this small peek into the life of a human being inside the womb?