Watch: Ian Clark Bautista Knocks Opponent Down Using Dempsey Roll Combo in 28th SEA Games in Singapore

Manila, Philippines – Ian Clark Bautista, 20, of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental won the semifinal bout against Laos contender Thongbang Seauaphom by knocking him down by a strengthen left hook to the jaw in the 28th SEA Games in Singapore.

Bautista’s fighting stance really looks like the Dempsey Roll, which was used by Jack Dempsey as his Sunday punch during the 1920s. The Dempsey Roll involves weaving of the user’s body forming the figure eight. What makes his punch more frightening is that it uses the momentum of the figure eight weaving to strengthen the blows.

Moving from left to right direction, Bautista landed strong punches on his opponent’s blind side. Watch the video now to see the “Ippo Makunouchi Dempsey Roll” be-like moves.

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