Jennifer Garner Reads This Children’s Book, But It Might Not Be Appropriate For Your Child’s Ears

As parents, you’ll do anything to get your child to sleep, including reading bedtime stories.

Jennifer Garner can definitely relate to this regular parental struggle, being a mom to her three kids – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Hearing her read this children’s book might give you a glimpse of what she sounds like while reading a bedtime story in her soft and sweet voice. The only problem is that the content of the book entitled “Go the F*ck to Sleep” may not be appropriate for your young kids’ ears and minds.

While the writing uses the same style used in writing a regular children’s book, the content details the parents’ commentary on the tricks their kids use to avoid going to sleep. It was written by American author Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cortes, and published on June 2011.

The book is actually inspired by Mansbach’s experience with his daughter, Vivien, who refuses to go to bed, with excuses like she’s not thirsty or she wants to go to the bathroom. In the end, the parent just shuts every excuse down with “go the f*ck to sleep.”

Since its publication, the adult children’s book has been read by famous actors like Jennifer Garner, Samuel Jackson, and Morgan Freeman, with Garner’s version being the most recent.

Watch how Garner read the book with a sweet smile, betraying the expletive-filled content of the book:


You can also watch Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson’s versions here:


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