Jennifer Lopez Feel The Light: A Galactic Performance Amid Planets and an Audience

At first glance, it looks like a solo concert in an inter-galactic setting and where the stage is like a mass of smaller universe gradually revealed by her minimizing gown. And then the entire stage is shown from a distance with balls of planets looming in the background and the luminous portable lights swayed by the audience looking like tiny stars.

In fact, even the microphone itself appears dotted with tiny stars that glitter like diamonds.

The next thing, you see the gown of the singer grow again to full size covering the universal stage so that now she seems afloat in space. All of a sudden, her gown radiates with a rainbow of brilliant colors and then emanates what look like Aurora Borealis or Northern lights. The show could have been a major attraction in a Star Wars movie series sang by Princess Leah, perhaps.

To catch the brilliance of Jennifer Lopez Feel The Light performance, see the video now!

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