Plane in Serious Trouble with Front Landing Gear. See It’s Breath-Taking Landing

A JetBlue plane on flight 292 had a serious problem with its front landing gear about 2 miles away from the runway. If not remedied, the front gear could give way and tilt the whole plane forward and even make it tumble down and turn turtle on the runway. That could imperil the lives of 139 passengers.

Finally, in the last few seconds before touchdown, the TV anchor asked everyone to say a word of prayer, and guess what happened afterward. Nope, the font gear didn’t turn to its correct angle, but the pilot managed to hold the plane’s nose up a bit to lessen impact on the front gear. And it was a success–all thanks to answered prayer that enabled the pilot to guide the troubled plane to a smooth landing without any casualty–except a blasted plane tire.

To watch the incident during its “live” coverage, watch the video now!

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