Kids Showing Adults How to Expertly Handle Basketball

Kids Showing Adults How to Expertly Handle Basketball

The Life Kids astounded adult judges in a famed talent show how to expertly handle a basketball. And it wasn’t just simple dribbling this toddlers, aged about 4 to 5 years old, demonstrated in front of a live audience. It was actually a series of exhibitions only professional basketball players can do (sometimes, it’s doubtful whether even pros can do what these kids did).

The dribbling was perfect and so were the passing and catching, all to the rhythm of a pop music being played in the background. But that wasn’t all.

Next, the kids got two basketballs, one in each hand, and did even more astounding tricks with them! For instance, alternating two balls with their hands while dribbling them was simply unimaginable with kids their age. But there they were–they did it!

You have to watch it yourself to believe what the Life Kids did. Watch the video now!

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