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Man Jokingly Twists Boy’s Neck, Accidentally Breaks It!

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It all started as a joke as a man seems to be asking a little boy questions while the latter was occupied with his computer game. He taps the little boy’s shoulder every now and then, probably to get the little boy’s attention, although the boy’s eyes were fixed on the computer screen. However, the man moved on touching the boy’s head and shoulder, until such time when he started holding the boy’s neck.

That’s when the joke becomes quite physical as he started twisting the boy’s neck from left to right. Even the little boy was smiling at first, but when the man twisted his neck forcefully, the boy fell face down on the computer table and eventually, to the floor, seemingly unconscious!

The video was uploaded on Facebook on January 22 by user Faiz Ahamed Chooty Malli. The incident was said to have occurred in Indonesia.

It is still unknown what happened to the boy and to the man who accidentally broke the boy’s neck. This should serve as a lesson not to play with the neck, yours or anyone else’s, if you don’t want a similar accident from happening. If you love roughing your friends up as a joke, make sure that you or your friends won’t be harmed in any way. Jokes are meant to evoke laughter, not dread, horror, or in this boy’s case, a potential fatality.

Some people may find the video upsetting and disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.