Merciless Car and Motor Grinder: Now You See it, Now You Don’t

Thank God it’s not designed for humans! This metal or car grinder does it’s tough work mercilessly. It leaves no car part unturned–or should we say crushed to pieces? But what catches our attention is its simple mechanism. Just incline the back of a hauling truck where the broken car is set so that it slides down the enormous grinder which tears it off to pieces.

Terrifying how you see a whole car now and then gone a few moments after. At the other side of the grinding machine is a conveyor belt where you see the small mangled pieces that used to be a car being brought up to trucks waiting for transporting them. The whole mechanized system is run by only one man controlling the crane nearby that steadies the car being fed into the grinder.

To see the incredible and horrendous process, watch the video now–if you’re bold enough to.

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