The Miracle in the Womb: Your Life from Cell to Full Infancy

The miracle in a mother’s womb begins with a race of cells, some 300 million of them. A winner cell reaches the fallopian tube to meet and penetrate the egg cell waiting there and then that starts the human being. The combined sperm and egg cells gradually assume a form and then grow a body with the heart, the head and the brain, and the limbs until the human form is discernible.

The small life form is fed, sleeps and squirms for 9 months in the womb and just before being birthed, the baby’s eyes open and is pushed out into the world and greets it with a cry. This whole video presentation is dramatic and awesome. It shows how the creation of a human being has a plan–it’s not just an accident that pops out of nowhere. And to better appreciate it all, watching the video will definitely help us understand the process of life’s beginning!

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