WATCH: This mom’s pure joy over a Chewbacca mask made her a Facebook star!

When have you last felt truly happy? Who was with you when you were just able to laugh out loud, without a care in the world?

This mom, Candace Payne, might be able to teach you a lesson in happiness, and more importantly, where to find it. At this moment in a parking lot on May 20, her source of happiness was a Chewbacca mask that emits cute Chewbacca sounds. She took a Facebook Live video of that moment and her less than two minutes of pure bliss catapulted her into Facebook stardom, thanks to the people who wanted to see her infectious laugh over the now widely sold out Chewbacca mask on.

As of posting, her Facebook Live video has earned more than 147 million views. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even invited her over to the Facebook HQ to meet the staff and Chewbacca himself, a privilege granted to Payne for having the most viewed Facebook Live video in history.

As what Payne said in the caption of her viral video, “It’s the simple joys in life…” Indeed, these should be the kind of happiness that we should look for.

Watch the video below and you’ll understand what made it viral. You’ll surely hear it in Payne’s laughter!