This is Probably the Craziest Mountain Forest Road Drive

It starts from an almost vertical down hill drive from atop a mountain and then on to some very crazy mountain dirt roads you’d ever see. There are also man-made makeshift roads, but just as crazy and dangerous as well. See crazy driving that leaps off road dead ends and flies in the air to cover long distances (and skip over mud and rocks) to get to the other end of the road.

If you think that’s weird driving, wait till you see the monster vehicle go¬†over a high pile of tree logs in a pyramid shape and run over it without disturbing its form. But that’s not the end of it–it runs like crazy on a road further¬†uphill and then jumps over a truck loaded with logs at a road intersection and then lands on the road on the other side which goes steeper uphill.

Now, if you think that’s extreme rough-road driving. well, we hate to disappoint you–cause truth is, you ain’t seen nothing yet! To see the breath-taking, nerve-wrecking driving, watch the video to see its unexpected ending.

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