This Man Makes His Puppets Sell for Him at the Square Park, New York

A puppetry master and puppet seller, Ricky makes a living by making his puppets sell for him. This way, he entertains people well, and for free, and gets profits in return–because his sales agents skillfully convince the audience to buy. Who are his sales agents? Who else but his puppets?

Ricky does the show at the Square Park in New York, entertaining people of all ages and from all walks of life. His puppetry skills are superb, making his puppets move realistically. Once he maneuvers the strings that control the puppets which are structurally made of joint sticks to resemble bones and their joints, the puppets come alive and move like humans do. So life-like!

Puppets of sticks and dressed up to project various characters–no wonder the whole performance is called “Ricky and Stix” and the business is about selling “stix figurines.” At the end of the video, we are invited to see Ricky in person and support his livelihood, especially his book.

To see Ricky’s puppetry world, watch the video now!

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