Rare Video Footage of Mar Roxas Leading Hotel Guests to Safety During Yolanda

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When Typhoon Yolanda made its landfall in Samar and Leyte, it left in its wake thousands of lives and millions of properties lost. And for the upcoming 2016 Elections, the way the government handled the devastation caused by the super typhoon became the biggest source of criticism against the LP presidential bet Mar Roxas.

Opponents and other critics called Roxas a failure in managing the disaster, with some even alleging that he wasn’t of any help at all. However, this short clip has shown the then-Interior Secretary Roxas, together with the Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, helping the other hotel guests of Leyte Park Hotel get to safer areas during the storm.

With only a few flashlights, they led the other guests to a basement. To clarify this, a Leyte Park Hotel sales manager said in an interview that the hotel does have a “basement” on the second floor that remained safe during the storm surge.

Watch the rare video footage of Mar Roxas during Yolanda below.