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Meet the Real-life ‘Batwoman’ And Learn About Her Mission

Noura Lifschitz has some pretty amazing housemates in her Tel Aviv apartment.

Lifschitz opened the first ever fruit bat shelter in Israel by welcoming 70 fruit bats into her apartment. Her mission is to protect fruit bats because as she said, “no one helped them.”

Then, she started rescuing one bat after another, until her shelter grew to accommodate all 70 bats. Now, there are even volunteers from all over the country coming to help her care for the rescued bats.

The shelter is filled with toys, particularly teddy bears, hanging from the ceiling, which the bats love hanging on to. They want to keep caring for the bats until they are ready to go back to the wild.

One interesting fact about fruit bats is that most bats eat insects. This meant that fruit bats could have evolved and changed their eating habits to survive. If they were exposed to other circumstances, they might have turned to a different type of food as an alternative to insects.

Isn’t she one cool Batwoman? Click on to see the fruit bat shelter for yourself.