Free-Fall Your Way to Ecstasy in Dubai

Climb up it’s highest floor and jump right off from the building to the ground below. This is the latest craze in Dubai where you feel the intense gravity pull and powerful wind resistance against your plunging velocity as you race against yourself toward the ground. And there’s even a huge diving board provided for this crazy dream-jump adventure atop the astoundingly high building–in fact the second highest residential building in the world–Princess Tower at the Dubai Marina area.

It’s pure free-fall ecstasy right in the heart of the city–which is what actually makes it unique–unlike other sky-diving or bungee jumping  experience where you land on an open field or forest. Here you see the city road networks, cars, buildings, and the concrete landing area below getting bigger as you speed down toward the ground.

Don’t worry, you can always open your parachute anytime you want before you hit the ground. To feel the ecstatic experience of a free-fall dream jump, watch the video now!


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