Smart Baby Accidentally Falls in Swimming Pool! See Your Reaction to What His Dad Does

This can happen to any baby who’s able to walk a bit. The dog gets out of the door and leaves it open, followed by the baby who stumbles on his way to the swimming pool and accidentally falls in it. What does the baby do? Would he drown? Fortunately, the baby knows how to remain afloat with his face to the sky and above the water (by instinct or taught, we don’t know) and stays that way for a couple of breathless minutes.

The baby cries and tries to call for help but keeps himself from panicking–he seems to know that panicking can make him sink into the water. He just remains like that–and one wonders why the video-taker allows the baby to suffer thus–and then finally, the unexpected happens! Will the baby drown due to his dad’s wrong and over-confident calculations, or at least, will the baby cry in tantrums and suffer trauma?

To find out how this all ends, watch the video now!

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