Viral: Video of Strange Sounds from the Sky Frightening Batangas Folks

A young 17-year old lad from Lobo, Batangas, Vincent Andy Magnaye, accidentally chanced upon the strange sounds that were coming from the sky. The sounds seemed like some roaring echoes from a space craft interspersed with faint and distant but clear sounds of a trumpet call. The whole thing sounded bizarre, to say the least.

Magnaye was casually playing on the Internet with his gadget when suddenly the strange sounds began. “It was a hair-raising experience for me because it was something new and strange,” said Magnaye in the interview. He knew it came from the sky but where exactly, he couldn’t tell. “It lasted probably about 7 to 10 minutes,” he added. Even the birds and animals around acted strange at the sound of it, he said.

However, the strange sounds from the sky were not exclusive to Batangas. It was reportedly also heard from some parts of the US, Canada, and Australia. But NASA simply dismissed it as something that, “often normally occurs,” said an ABS CBN news report. Watch the video to see and hear for yourself!

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