The 16 Ultimate and Weirdest Jobs You’d Wish You Have

The 16 Ultimate and Weirdest Jobs You’d Wish You Have

[nextpage title=”Waterslide Tester”] What would you like to do for a living, if you are allowed to choose anything? Would you like to play video games all day long and get paid for it? Play in waterslides? Taste chocolates? If you wish any of these as your dream job, you’re in luck. There are actually positions created with these job descriptions.

#1 Waterslide Tester

First Choice, the UK-based resort marketing company, was the first employer to offer the position of waterslide tester in 2013. The first job was to try the slides in SplashWorld water parks. Who wouldn’t want to play with wet slides and get paid for it? First Choice offered the opportunity to travel to their parks in Egypt, Europe, Thailand, and Tunisia for six months and for $31,000.

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#2 Ice Cream Flavor Guru

This position opened up at Ben & Jerry’s. Its job description requires the guru to taste ice cream all day long, while blending, mixing, whipping, chopping, and tasting and more tasting until a new ice cream idea pops up. They are allowed to use any ingredient to create a fresh flavor, so you can experiment from potato to corn.

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#3 Lego Professor

Still can’t let go of your Legos? A position as a Lego professor is available at the University of Cambridge. The professor is set to manage the university’s center devoted only to Lego and funded by the Lego Foundation. The research center will focus on the role of play in development, education, and learning. As reported by CNN, the position requires prospects to be passionate about playing Lego and early childhood education.

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#4 Chocolate Taster

This is the ultimate dream job of any chocoholics out there. According to Orietta Gianjorio, a professional chocolate taster, she follows a tasting process. She smells the chocolate, identifies its aroma, breaks the chocolate, waits for its crispy sounds, eats a 1-inch cube of chocolate, leaves it to melt, notes its texture and taste, and finally blow short puffs of air through the nose to note the other subtle aromas. However, there are also instances when she has to taste defective, burnt or extra bitter chocolate. Gianjorio also said that she doesn’t eat the chocolate. She just tastes them and spits them out. To give her palate a break, she pauses for 30 seconds, eats an unsalted cracker, and sips plain water before tasting another sample.


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#5 Video Game Tester

If you love video games so much, here’s the perfect job for you – video game quality assurance testing. You have to play the game, but do it so seriously so you can find all the software defects and bugs. The downside is when you have to play a game that you hate over and over again.

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#6 Professional Sleeper

Sleep to earn. This is what professional sleepers do, such as Roisin Madigan. In 2009, she had to sample the luxury beds from Simon Horn Ltd by sleeping on them under different temperature, lighting, as well as sleeping after drinking alcohol or caffeine. She had to blog about her napping experiences. Her bed testing job is from 10am to 6pm for a month, which earned her about $2,000. That’s one huge paycheck for napping all month long.

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#7 Private Island Caretaker

Ever dream of an island getaway? You can do that while earning as a private island caretaker. This is what James Ralston as he maintains one of the private islands in the Bahamas.  He gets to go on a paid vacation as he enjoys fishing, the weather, and water spots. However, the demands of his job also include repairing the owner’s home and boats, putting everything in order after storms, and arranging everything according to the owner’s wishes before their vacation. A private island caretaker has to be in good shape, handy, and willing to lead a solitary existence.

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#8 Fortune Cookie Writer

Put your creativity to good use by being a fortune cookie writer. These writers are good at dishing out words of wisdom. According to Donald Lau, VP of Wonton Food in Long Island City, New York and an accidental fortune cookie writer, he looks at newspapers and even subway signs for inspiration. He writes his ideas down in a small notebook he always brings with him.

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#9 Mermaid

Play and dress up like a mermaid and get paid to do it. You can be a professional mermaid and wear the costume for a price. However, you have to invest in swimming classes where you will learn how to swim with a fin. You can look up employment opportunities in mermaid agencies.

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#10 Netflix Tagger

If you want to stay a couch potato and still earn money straight from your living room, become a Netlfix Tagger. You just need to watch movies and TV shows and tag them based on their keywords, so it will be easier for Netflix subscribers to find whatever they want to watch.

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#11 Professional Prostitute Tester

It may seem strange, but a brothel did open up a position called the professional prostitute tester. This position is currently held by Jamie Rascone, who works for Madam Fiorella’s brothel.

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#12 Condom Tester

You can have this job if you work for Durex in Australia, who is opening more than 200 positions as condom testers. It pays only $60, although one lucky candidate may get $1,000. However, the position may become more lucrative in the future.

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#13 Professional Cuddler

Cuddling as a job is definitely a dream job. This position was created out of the demand from people who just want to be cuddled. Now, it is a popular profession in China and Japan, and is receiving more attention in the west. As much as you give happiness to the person you are cuddling, you feel the same way, too, as one of the benefits of this intimate gesture.

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#14 Beer Taster

You get paid to drink as a beer taster, like Steve Bruntlett. He works as a beer quality technician for Marston’s Brewery. His work entails managing more than 250 pubs all around the Midlands in England. He has to see to it that the pubs are serving Marston’s beers at the right temperature, with the right amount of froth, and several other characteristics that make good beer. Aside from beer tasting, Bruntlett must always be ready to fix gas leaks or broken-down coolers at a moment’s notice.

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#15 Stanley Cup Guardian

The Stanley Cup is the highest honor given to hockey players. It is certainly one precious price if it gets assigned its very own guardian. Phil Pritchard has been a Stanley Cup guardian for over 20 years now. His job is to ensure that the cup spends a day with each member of the champion team, so he travels with the team and the cup. He also cleans the cup every day and schedule it for professional cleanings two times a year.

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#16 Bed Warmer

In the UK, Holiday Inn hires a bed warmer, someone who will lie on the bed covers for hours to keep it warm until the guest comes. However, bed warmers have to put on a special suit that will amplify the effect of warming the bed.