Top 10 Visible Symptoms In Your Body Showing That You’re Sick

Top 10 Visible Symptoms In Your Body Showing That You’re Sick

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[nextpage title=”Changes in the Nails”]There are too many times we forget that our body, like any other machine, also needs rest. When you ache all over, it means that your body needs to relax and recover.

Aside from pain, there are 10 other important visible signs that your body is not well. When you notice these signs, make sure to heed them and rest.



#1 Changes in the nails

Aside from cutting your nails regularly, make sure to observe their appearance. A red nail bed might be pointing to a cardiovascular disease, while a white nail bed could be caused by a liver disease.
Nail Changes
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#2 Constant blushing

Facial changes are bound to happen as you age. But if your face seems to be flushed all the time, giving you rosy cheeks, it could be rosacea. This is a chronic skin disease that usually happens to women.
Rossy Checks
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#3 Chapped lips

When it’s too hot or too windy, you may suffer from dry lips. But if they crack open and give you mouth ulcers, it could be due to a deficiency in zinc or Vitamin C. It could also be due to a fungal infection.
Chapped Lips
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#4 Changes in the birthmarks

Some birthmarks may lead to an even more serious skin condition, especially those that popped up due to being out in the sun too much without enough protection. They may be a sign of skin cancer, so it’s best to have them checked once they started changing their appearance.
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#5 Swelling in the neck

Some people tend to neglect a swollen neck, thinking it will just go away on its own. It’s best to have it checked because it might be one of the symptoms of thyroid problems.
Swollen Neck
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#6 Cold feet

When you keep getting cold feet, consult the doctor right away. Since your feet are the farthest from your heart, they are usually among the first body parts to show signs of the disease. In the case of Raynaud’s disease, blood has difficulty getting through to the toes, hands, ears, and nose because of the tightening of the vessels.
Cold Feet
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#7 Thinning eyebrows

Hair loss is usually a sign of hormonal change. It could be due to hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or poor thyroid condition. If you suddenly notice your eyebrows falling and not growing back, go to your doctor right away.
Thinning Eyebrows
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#8 Graying hair

It is quite normal for hair to turn gray as we age. But it’s a different story if you are turning gray even before hitting the 40s. If it is not due to genetics, it could be due to diabetes.
Gray Hair
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#9 Yellowish or reddish eye white

The eye white, or sclera, should be naturally white. If not, there could be a serious condition. Red could mean conjunctivitis  or hypertensiofaces, while white could mean problems in the gall bladder, liver, or jaundice.
Yellowish or Redish Eye White
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#10 Red palms and hands

If your palms grew red even if you didn’t do anything intense with your hands, it could be due to eczema, dermatitis, or a reaction to drugs, metal, drinks or food.
Red Palms