Top 25 Women With Extraordinary Characteristics. Are #14 and #23 Real?

Top 25 Women With Extraordinary Characteristics. Are #14 and #23 Real?

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[nextpage title=”Amanda Gryce”]Women are awesome as they are, but some women are just too unique. Prepare to be amazed by all these women with their extraordinary characteristics. They might possess something that makes them different from all of us, something that showcases their individuality.


#1 Amanda Gryce

Twenty five-year old Amanda suffers from a rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Starting when she was 16, she can have an orgasm up to 50 times a day and even the slightest vibration can trigger it. Now, she has a boyfriend and is undergoing therapy, with abstinence being a part of it.

Amanda Gryce
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#2 Abigail and Brittany Hensel

These conjoined twins have two heads, two hearts, four lungs, two spines, one rib cage, one three kidneys, one liver, one circulatory system, and a shared nervous system, although they share the rest of the organs from the waist down. They can feel and move their side of the body, so they can still play piano, move with volleyball or bowling, ride a bike, swim, and more. Their parents encouraged them to nurture their different personalities.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel
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#3 Julia Gnuse

Julia, also called as The Illustrated Lady, is considered as the most tattooed woman in the world. Ninety-five percent of her body is covered in tattoo to cover up her lesions and blisters caused by exposure to the sun, a condition called porphyria.

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#4 Brynn Duncan

Imagine being allergic to everything. This is what Brynn suffers from due to mast cell disease and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). After her diagnosis, she is on her way to recovery with her constant IV Benadryl pump and four different feeding tubes.

Brynn Duncan
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#5 Aneta Florczyk

Aneta was hailed as the Worlds’ Champion/World’s Strongest Woman in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2008, among many other awards. Two of her popular stunts would be rolling a frying pan and lifting 250kgs of weights as though it was nothing. But it all started when she was a 130-pound 16-year old girl in Poland, when she found powerlifting as a recreational activity.

Aneta Florczyk
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#6 Mayra Hills

She claims to have the world’s largest fake breasts at 32XXX or 32Z. Each breast weighs 20 pounds, containing 10 liters of saline. How bad must it have been for her poor back!

Mayra Hills
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#7 Yaya Han

Yaya is one of the pioneer cosplayers in the world. Since she learned about cosplay in 1999 during Anime Expo, she has designed over 250 costumes in video games, anime, comic books, and sci-fi genres. She’s won awards, served as judge, guest panelist, host, and performer in over 100 events around the world.

 Yaya Han

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#8 Misao Okawa

This Japanese woman was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2013 as the oldest person in the world. She was born on 5 March 1898. However, she died in April 2015, a few weeks after her 117th birthday.

Misao Okawa1
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#9 Adrianne Lewis

She has the world’s longest tongue, which can reach her nose, eye, chin, and even her elbow. Her tongue is four inches long, while the current longest tongue on record is just 3.9 inches long. This 18-year old hopes to earn the crown as a Guinness World Record breaker. You can check her YouTube account, where she shows off her tongue tricks.

Adrianne Lewis1
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#10 Ataye Eligidagne

This Ethiopian woman holds the largest lip disc in the world, measuring 59.5 cm in circumference and 19.5 cm in diameter. This is two times the size of the average disc. The largest lip disc on the Guinness Book of World Records was listed only at 15 cm in diameter. Surma women in Ethiopia have to wear lip discs as a part of their tradition.

Ataye Eligidagne
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#11 Charity Pierce

At 39, Charity weighs 778 pounds, making her one the world’s heaviest woman.  She used to weigh 500 pounds in her teenage years, citing trauma as a child with an abusive father as the cause of her bad eating habits. She is trying to lose weight to get healthier and marry her fiancé, who’s 17 years her junior.

Charity Pierce
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#12 Lee Redmond

Lee used to hold the world record for having the longest fingernails at 28.4 feet long, until her car crash in 2009 that broke them. She grew her nails for 30 years and considered them a part of her identity. However, she no longer intends to grow them back.

Lee Redmond1
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#13 Auristela Viana da Silva

Auristela was born without a tongue. It made eating, speaking, and even breathing hard for her, until she received a groundbreaking operation in 2013 from a team of Brazilian doctors. They expanded her chin and jaw to give more space to the insides of her mouth.  Now, she can eat, speak, and chew better, allowing her to live a normal life.

Auristela Viana da Silva
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#14 Venus Palermo

This 18-year old British girl started on YouTube and is now giving makeup tutorials to her more than 895,000 subscribers. She is a “living doll,” with her sky-blue eyes and thick dark lashes, porcelain pale skin, and rosebud-colored lips. She has tousled blonde hair and wears doll-like dresses.

Venus Palermo
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#15 Asha Mandela

Asha holds the record as the woman with the longest hair in the world. Her hair 19.5 feet long, although one dreadlock is more than 55 feet long. She’s grown her hair for 25 years and has vowed to never cut it because it’s already a part of her life.

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#16 Jasmine Tridevil

Jasmine, whose real name is Alisha Hessler, shocked the world when she showed off three boobs. She claimed that she had the third boob implanted, but a thermal imaging camera showed that the third breast is really a fake.

Jasmine Tridevil
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#17 Kim Goodman

She holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest eye protrusion at 0.47 inches. She discovered her eye-popping skill more than 30 years ago when she was about to put on her Halloween costume mask.

 Kim Goodman1
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#18 Elisany da Cruz Silva

She was once hailed as the tallest teenager in the world in 2014 with a height of 6 feet and 9 inches. Born in 1995 in Brazil, her unbelievable height is credited to the tumor in her pituitary gland, which has been removed.

Elisany da Cruz Silva
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#19 Emma McCabe

Emma is a tree hugger who made it to the headlines when she decided to get a married to a tree she baptized as ‘Tim.’ She even went on to claim that she had the best sex of her life with ‘Tim.’

Emma McCabe
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#20 Mandy Sellars

Mandy has the largest legs in the world. She was born in 1975 with one leg longer than the other and her legs never stopped growing. In 2009, her legs alone weighed 210 pounds. In 2010, her left foot had to be amputated. In 2013, doctors determined that her condition was a PIK3CA gene mutation.

Mandy Sellars
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#21 Helen Galsworthy

At 18, Helen attempted suicide by lying on the train tracks. She would have died if someone hasn’t found her and took her to the hospital. She lost her legs, but she regained a new zest in life, especially now with her husband and young son.

Helen Galsworthy
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#22 Michele Kobke

Some women dream of having the right curves at the right places, but Michele took it further using waist cinching. She wore a corset for three long years to whittle her 25-inch waist to what is now an ultra slim 15-inch waist.

Michele Kobke
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#23 Valeria Lukyanova

This Ukrainian model has the proportions of a Barbie doll, with her huge blue eyes and thin long limbs. Her ultra thin frame certainly supported her Barbie look, along with her tiny waist, ample boobs, and long blonde hair. You might be shocked just how much she looks like a plastic doll. She also claims that everything is natural, except her breasts.

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#24 Mikel Ruffinelli

Mikel holds the record as the woman with the largest hips in the world, according to the World Record Academy. Her hip circumference is eight feet!

Mikel Ruffinelli

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#25 Jyoti Amge

Jyoti is two feet tall, making her the smallest woman in the world. Born in 1993 to parents with normal heights, her height is caused by dwarfism. She has been the subject of many documentaries.

Jyoti Amge