Touching Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity During the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Touching Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity During the Syrian Refugee Crisis

[nextpage title=””] Around 4.1 million Syrians are leaving their country plagued by problems caused by a four-year civil war. Some countries have extended their helping hand, while others refuse to do anything to help.

The photo of the drowned Syrian toddler is just one of the many photos that show the sufferings that these poor refugees have to go through to find a new start in life. In their bid to find a peaceful home in another country, far from troubled Syria, they are willing to take the risk of crossing the sea on an overloaded boat that sometimes capsize or get lost at sea.

What’s even more unfortunate is that many of these refugees are innocent children and women. In their search for hope, here are some photos that depict just how powerful humanity can be when they are moved to help each other. They are heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

A Syrian boy smiled after trying on a Munich police officer’s hat.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]Antonio Deligiorgis saved 20 Syrian refugees from drowning after their boat shattered from the pointed rocks off the coast of Greece.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]In Hungary, citizens prepared food and water for the refugees walking to Vienna to find a new home.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]She is one of the kind souls helping in the cause of filling the highway with food and water.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]A touching and fitting obituary for the little Syrian boy who drowned.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””] Austrians and Germans alike banded to fetch the refugees from Hungary to Austria, never minding the Hungarian law.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]Laith Majid, a Syrian refugee, held his daughter and son close to his chest, while crying tears of joy when they safely arrived on the island of Kos.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]Even this little boy has seen and shown the spirit of humanity with his ‘Welcome’ sign and a cart of toys for the arriving kids.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]Taking a selfie is a small way of celebrating their arrival on a beach in Greece.

[/nextpage][nextpage title=””]The Syrian refugees are welcomed with a bang as over 25,000 Vienna citizens marched the streets with their welcome banners.