Unconditional Love Risks All and Later Discards the Risk: True Story of a Single Mom and Abandoned Child

If you are a single woman with all the freedom, opportunities and happiness of an unmarried life, would you forsake all that to risk loving an abandoned child? This video is about the true story of a young woman who forsook the happy freedom of being single and opted to assume the role of a single mom, embracing all the lifetime responsibilities attached to it.

Faced with the hard decision between ignoring or taking responsibility for an abandoned child, she chose the latter and readied herself forĀ the consequences. Truth cannot be forever concealed, and soon her classmates and friends learned of the baby. GossipĀ about how she came up with the child started to spread, marring her reputation. It can be tough once people learn of your being a single mom. She soon became the object of scorn and repugnance.

In the end, when asked why she wouldn’t reveal the truth about the child and herself, she took a tough stance and maintained the life principle she had from the start–unconditional love.

How the unconditional love all started is worth watching the video for!

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