How Do You Catch Audience Attention and Glue Their Interest on You? This Teacher is a Legend!

This teacher found a unique way of using projectors more effective during lectures. He succeeded in getting more attention and rousing the interest of his audience–apparently a class of teenagers–while teaching on a rather boring subject, Math. He made his projected video presentation function independently of him, and soon go against him in a funny way.

What made it funnier was that the lecturer himself was in the video. So, when something seemed to be “wrong” with the video and it started going against the professor, the scenario was that the professor in the video was going against the professor in the classroom. It was likeĀ hisĀ alter ego went against him!

So they clashed before the students, and it was in a very ridiculous manner. The professor in the video was able to throw things at the professor in the classroom who in turn tied to stop the former by trying to deflect the video. Then the unimaginable happened–the professor in the classroom entered the video to be face-to-face with his alter ego!

But the alter ego got the better of him and the real professor was eventually locked into the video frame and his alter ego switched him off to make him disappear. Then the alter ego came out of the video and assumed lecturing the class.

It was a hilarious scene that his audience loved. If it was a class of students he was lecturing to, he surely got their interest in his favor and one could only imagine how that helped the entire lecture go well.

To see wow the video presentation started acting independently and going against the professor, watch the video now!

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