Watch: Counter-flowing Jaguar Driver Angers Netizens

Watch: Counter-flowing Jaguar Driver Angers Netizens

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A dashcam video that was taken by “PD CJ NL DeBelen” went viral after it was uploaded by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on April 24. While the driver is having it’s trip along Bonifacio Global City, suddenly a black jaguar counter-flowed into the same lane.

The black jaguar can be clearly seen escaping from the heavy traffic in its right lane. And as clear as this video was taken it was the jaguar’s driver and the body guards who gets mad.

The yellow line that separates the lane in the road indicates that:

A solid yellow line that marks the center of the road separates the traffic traveling in opposite directions. Overtaking is permitted in one direction only. If the solid yellow line becomes double, all vehicles must keep right and should not overtake unless entering or leaving a driveway or private road or to make a permitted “U” turn.

The law-breakers must be dealt with corrective actions. Though they should still be both thankful that nobody got hurt during the incident.