Watch This Rider Take You On An Adrenaline-Pumping Ride Until Smack! What A Shock!

If you had this aversion towards motorcyclists and dismiss them as lunatics who do not follow the law, much less the speed limit, then this video may only strengthen that idea of them. Although there are many decent riders out there who genuinely loves their bikes and the freedom that riding gives them, some are just plain careless, putting their personal safety and the safety of other motorists at risk.

This ride started out at breathtaking speed, so much so that you wouldn’t want to blink in fear that you might miss something as you watch the rider in the video pass one car after another.  You might have even felt relief every time he passes a car safely, only for that incident to happen and cause your breath to hitch.

Watch this 30-second video and (sort of) be surprised when you see what happens to the rider, who’s undoubtedly driving way beyond the speed limit here: