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Wear the Most Unique Scarf in the World Based on Your DNA

You can now see your DNA, even touch and feel it!

All you have to do is submit yourself to a DNA test by having your cheek swabbed and let Dot One help you visualize your DNA into a scarf or a blanket. This company uses your DNA sequence as a design for your personalized scarf or blanket.

The company brings your DNA to a lab and zones in on those regions of genetic code that vary from one person to the next. These are the same regions that are useful during paternity testing and analyzing forensic cases. The lab then assigns a numerical value to the stretches of genetic code, or STRs, depending on its molecular characteristics. Each color is in turn assigned a color.




If you want to see what sets you apart from other people or simply wear a gorgeous and colorful scarf, you might want to have your DNA test first. Imagine how many conversations you can spark if someone starts to ask you about who designed your scarf or blanket or where the inspiration came from and you’d simply answer, “It’s my DNA.”