Watch What Fell Out Of A Car On A Busy Road And You’ll Hold Your Heart In Shock!

The clip from a dashboard cam recording started out showing a normal busy road in China. That is, until something — or someone fell out of the trunk of a moving van in front of them.

It was a toddler who surprisingly stumbled out of the car and was left on the alarmingly busy road. The back of the trunk could have opened after the sudden acceleration of the car when the traffic light went green. What’s scary is that the two-year-old child tried to chase after the van in the middle of the traffic, with the buses passing by.

Fortunately, the owner of the car behind the toddler’s van picked the child up. The van’s driver, who turned out to be the child’s grandpa, returned to fetch the child.

As a caution to parents and guardians out there, make sure to secure your child into the car seat and to lock the car doors properly before hitting the road.

Watch the scary moment here:

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