When Beauty Meets the ‘Beast’: A Real Life Fairy-Tale Unfolds

When Beauty Meets the ‘Beast’: A Real Life Fairy-Tale Unfolds

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1) Wonderwoman Taking Selfie with the Comical ONE!

When you look at the photo, it seem to be just a celebrity taking selfie with her comical fan. But the story doesn’t end there. Instead, a real life fairy-tale has just begun.

They meet last January when Jennifer visited Sumatera and met Bayu who was studying as  an Anthropology in Andalas University in Indonesia.

At first glimpse, both of them catches each others hearts and eventually shared affection.

beauty and the beast

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2) Tying the Knot: From Someone Else to Togetherness!

Months gone by the couple decided to tie the Knot. The news about their wedding drawn too much attention when Jennifer asked for help via tilt(dot)com to finance the ceremony.

Jennifer managed to gather 1,000 pounds (RM 6, 184) which have helped them to pursue their marriage.

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3) The Wedding Day Comes

On 8th day of August 2015 they got married. Love is in the air and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Now, the beauty of HERS is HIS. And the comical smile of him is a condiment to live a life happily ever after.

Congratulations to the newly wed couple!

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