Woman with Telekinetic Super Power Caught on Video!

Woman with Telekinetic Super Power Caught on Video!

What do you think happens if you accidentally tipped off a woman’s coffee mug and the content pours out on important documents she’s been working on? It’s easy to apologize, but then the stressed out woman is pissed off and you (and she) discover too late that she has tremendous, extraordinary telekinetic powers!

In her anger she presses you against a wall and lifts you about 10 feet up–without even touching you! The extreme anger triggered off telekinesis and now you’re at the mercy of a very angry woman you accidentally provoked.

A video actually caught this happening in a coffee shop, to the fearful amazement of bystanders. Not only did the video cam catch the woman lifting the man against the wall without touching him–it also caught footage of how she wrecked the whole place by just screaming!

But don’t worry guys, it’s all prank. And man, the “telekinetic” woman did her part so well! And it’s not sure yet if the audience was naturally shocked at the scene or merely did their part well, too.

To find out, just watch the video!