Would You Swim Through The Air In A “Sky Pool”?

Would You Swim Through The Air In A “Sky Pool”?

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If you love to swim, you’d definitely feel the rush every time you see some unusual swimming pools. London’s upcoming glass sky pool, the first in the world, should be something worth waiting for then.

The Ballymore developers unveiled their plan to make a transparent pool up in the air, surrounded by glass and suspended 10 stories up in the air in between two apartment blocks. This swimming pool bridge is planned for Embassy Gardens, a home complex in Nine Elms neighborhood with 2,000 units.

The pool is designed to make the swimmers feel as though they are swimming through the air in London. Each unit will cost $940,000, so if you don’t have very deep pockets, that sky pool may still be just up there for us to look at.

all-glass-hanging-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-ballymore-london-1 all-glass-hanging-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-ballymore-london-2 all-glass-hanging-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-ballymore-london-3(h/t: deMilked)