Goosebumps All Over! That’s What You’ll Get After Listening to This Young Duo’s “You Raise Me Up”

The young boy opened his mouth and out came a voice so soft and angelic you feel the chill on your back and the hairs on your nape arms stand up. And the goosebump-raising part of the performance doesn’t stop there. The girl’s about to sing her verse, too, and she proved herself to be equally impressive as her partner.

Ten-year-old Jeffrey Li and seven-year-old Celine Tam certainly owned the stage and kept their audience’s eyes and ears trained on them as they sang “You Raise Me Up” to perfection.

Just look at those little kids on stage, imbibing the song, and making us feel waves and waves of emotions with every verse and chorus. You’d have tears threatening to spill, if they aren’t streaming down your face just yet. They make the song even more meaningful than it already is!

Watch their performance here: